Gemini 11: The astronauts who fell asleep during a spacewalk

Pete Conrad and Dick Gordon's photography experiments could only be done while Gemini 11 was on the night side of Earth. So what did they do while waiting to slip into darkness again? With only their spacesuits separating them from the void of space - and with Gordon having half his body hanging out of Gemini 11 - they dozed off.

Gemini 10: The crammed flight plan to end all crammed flight plans

Young and Collins were both slightly wary of the flight plan they were tasked with completing, knowing that time would be stacked against them from the second they left the launchpad. Two rendezvous, one docking, a major altitude-changing burn, two spacewalks and 15 experiments in just under three days was a lot to ask.

Gemini 9A: Gene Cernan’s ‘spacewalk from hell’

Gulping his way through his oxygen supply, his heart-rate triple what it normally would be, his back baking in the unfiltered sunlight, virtually blind and effectively deaf, it is no surprise that Gene Cernan would later label his experience the 'spacewalk from hell'.