Faith 7 – ‘Things are beginning to stack up a little’

Faith 7 was the last flight of Project Mercury, NASA's first attempt at crewed spaceflight. It was flown by Gordo Cooper, the astronaut probably best known for Dennis Quaid's portrayal of him in the 1983 film The Right Stuff. Despite being arguably the most dramatic flight of the bunch, Faith 7's only appearance in the film was its launch. Cooper faced a cascade of problems unlike any NASA had yet seen, and ultimately proved just how right NASA had been in choosing test pilots as its astronauts in those earliest days of spaceflight.

Project Mercury – One small step for NASA

2021 marks 60 years since NASA's Project Mercury got underway. A series of single-person spaceflights - the first of their kind for the agency - it aimed to prove whether the most basic human functions were possible in space. Could a human eat and drink in zero gravity? Could they sleep? Could they even survive?