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The lesser-known stories behind the missions to the Moon.

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What are NASA’s upcoming Artemis missions?

NASA will soon be starting its Artemis programme, with an uncrewed mission around the Moon currently scheduled for November 2021. Here’s a summary of what Artemis hopes to achieve and of the key pieces of hardware involved.

A hammer and a feather – Apollo 15’s Galileo experiment

Many people consider Apollo 15 to be the crowning glory of the Apollo programme in terms of science. It’s therefore quite fitting that the crew managed to find time to pay homage to one of the most famous scientists of all time.

The Apollo astronaut who was ‘allergic’ to Moon dust

Astronauts being ‘allergic’ to Moon dust wasn’t something NASA had really planned for. A member of its first group of astronauts had nearly been disqualified from the selection process for his hayfever, but was allowed to continue when he (rightly) pointed out there wasn’t exactly any pollen in space. That was that, NASA thought. Or, at least, that was that until 1972, when Jack Schmitt landed on the Moon.

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